6 Ways to Dress Up a Messy Top Bun

Buns are among my favorite hairstyle for natural hair. That’s because they are easy to do and can look elegant depending on how you “dress them up.” In this video I share 6 ways to decorate a messy top bun.

Do you like buns? How do you decorate yours? Share!

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Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

10 thoughts on “6 Ways to Dress Up a Messy Top Bun

  1. property management vallejo Reply

    My favorite way of dressing it up is with a headband! i am crazy about headbands for almost any style. i am a lover of your suggestions! It makes me miss having hair long enough to put up into a bun.

  2. Clare Reply

    you look lovely! my hair always falls out of buns (im blond and have quite slippery hair, if that makes sense!) x

  3. Lisa Stover Reply

    This is why I love your blog! I can’t wait to try this out on my own hair, there are so many days I don’t feel like doing anything with myself so these tips will come in handy!

  4. Jamie Reply

    Love it! I have really long hair so I do buns quite a bit. My favorite way of dressing it up is with a headband! I love headbands for almost any style. They instantly make it look like I put effort into my hair when I really did nothing at all… lol. 🙂

    • Michelle Post authorReply

      I’m with you on that. Buns are kind of the lazy hairstyle but they can definitely be made to look much better with accessories

    • Michelle Post authorReply

      Thanks Phyrra 🙂 I’m sure it will grow back and then you can rock your buns again…if you want

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