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Photo on 2011-12-28 at 21.03 #2A Little About Me

I’m Michelle and I am a lady with fine natural hair who also happens to be a special needs mom. Both are challenging things in my life (although not equally) so here on Fine Natural Hair and Faith, I’ll be sharing a bit about both – Caring for fine natural hair and how I live by faith in God as a special needs mom.

This blog is devoted to the knowledge I’ve gained on caring for fine natural hair with styling and length retention in mind. It’s also an open view of how as a Christian, I’m living my life by faith in God’s Word. I share my challenges and my triumphs.

God is my Source (He has to be!) and if you are still reading this, you are either curious and/or want access to some of the information and tips that have helped me to to finally see Him as Source. Either way is all good. I’m here to serve 🙂

A Little About My Fine Natural Hair

I’m a fine hair curly girl with completely unprocessed hair.  I may appear to have a lot of hairs on my head (not thick density but medium), most of those hairs are very thin and when separated, many of them look invisible. Click this link for pics and to learn all about my fine natural hair 🙂 : Michelle’s Fine Natural Hair

Me in a Nutshell:

  • I have fine natural hair that’s very curly with tons of shrinkage but I’ve been quite successful at length retention.
  • I have a little boy with special needs and being his mom is my greatest accomplishment.
  • I’m married and reside just outside of New York City
  • Last, but certainly not least, I love Jesus for saving me from a life of sin.

I love to engage in discussions so please feel free to comment on all posts (respectfully of course, even if you disagree)! All disrespectful comments will be deleted and block. Life is too short for negativity. You can also contact me here for connect with me on social media:

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By email: michelle@finenaturalhairandfaith.com

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