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Beauty Reshare: Advantages of Having Fine 3C Hair

A while back I wrote a post on the deceptions of fine hair. Now, not many ladies with fine hair will readily agree that having fine hair has it’s advantages but I did find one lady who can relate and she has shared even more advantages than I shared in my post! Check it out:

Are you disappointed when you have tried to wear a decent twist hairstyle only to find that the full and plump twists evade you like a plague?  Or, you’ve ended up with fine, thin twists and a lot of scalp showing?  Or, in order to get a full, plump twists it ends up taking up a quarter of the side of your head?  I raise my hand on each question.
Fine hair curlies downsides are scalpy twists, hair that is susceptible to breakage, fros that will flop and part like the Red Sea!
My 3c strands love to hang out with each other in thick clumps.  They will tend to “ball-up,” when hit with a spritz of water or when a creamy-based moisturizer is applied.  Dried, moisturized hair causes 3c types to “look as though” they have a thick head of hair like there 4-type curlies.  It wants to interwine and tangle itself, causing this hair-type to be plagued with Single Strand Knots (SSKs) or Fairy Knots.
Oh, and another thing, my 3c tresses HATE to be placed in a structured hair style.  It prefers the Lion-Mane approach.
Realizing that I will never have those lush, thick ropes of twists cascading from my roots, I sought out the advantages to having the curly, coily fine strands that wind there way, like vines of ivy from my scalp.  What?  you may ask.  Stay with me my curlies, there are some.
Now, that we have covered some of the cons of 3C, let’s take a look at the pros for this hair types:

Read the rest here.

If you have fine hair, don’t see it as a curse. It is not. It’s just different. Many ladies with thicker strands wish their hair wasn’t as thick because it takes a lot of work to care for it.  Having fine natural hair may be a little more challenging to style but it can still grow long and strong.

Here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith, it’s my goal to share as many tips on growing and length retention for fine hair as possible. As I mentioned in last week’s post kicking of the September Beauty Re-share series, I will share a lot of the content but for the month of September, I’ll be sharing other people’s content so stay tuned. Subscribe to receive free updates here.


Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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