twist out with mane choice 24 karat twisting gel
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An Unexpected Twist Out w/ The Mane Choice 24K Gold Twisting Gel

24k gold glistening twisting gelYes, fine hair can achieve volume. Let me clarify.

Fine hair with a moderate amount of density can achieve volume.

You can have fine hair but if you have a pretty decent amount of it, there are some products you can use like the Mane Choice 24 Karat Twisting Gel to pump up the volume.

twist out on fine natural hairHere’s the process I followed:

1- Pre-poo’d with coconut oil (Because I don’t dare wash my fine hair that’s already prone to breakage without pre-pooing. Discover why the pre-poo is so important here)

2- Shampoo’d with Mane Choice Easy on the Curls Hydration Shampoo. Volume is more difficult to achieve on dirty hair or hair that’s got build up. That’s why I opted to shampoo vs. cowash.

3- Deep conditioned/strengthened with Mane Choice Since Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Hair Mask. Moisturized hair that’s healthy with movement starts on the day you wash it; deep conditioning isn’t optional.

4- Cool Rinsed and finger detangled to seal the cuticle and prepare the hair for styling.

5- Working in sections, applied Mane Choice 3 in 1 conditioner as my leave in, layered with the Mane Choice 24 Karat Glistening Gold Twisting Gel.

6- Created 5-6 twists on each side of my head.

7- Allowed twists to air dry fully (for like 4 days) before releasing them.

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I had quite a bit of frizz since I didn’t release my twists right away. I was sleeping on a satin pillowcase each night but that did nothing to alleviate the frizz monster that attacked when I tossed and turned every night.

It was actually not my intention to do a twist out. I was going to do some short term protective styling with my twists but then the hot bipolar NY weather took a break so I decided to set them free!

In spite of the frizz, this twist out came out better than anticipated. The Mane Choice 24 Karat Twisting Gel is so light that I was able to smooth a bit over some of the frizz areas and revive some of the definition.

twist out with mane choice 24 karat twisting gel


A Prayer for Our Hair: 

Dear God in Heaven, please hear our prayers for our fine hair. For those of us not reaching having challenges with our hair, please help us. Heal any scalp issues in Jesus Name. Amen


Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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