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Updated Wash and Go Routine with Camille Rose Naturals

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The wash and go has been a staple style in my fine natural hair regimen for a while now. that’s mainly because it gives lots of volume and it’s pretty low maintenance.

So without further ado, here’s my updated wash and go routine using one of my favorite line of hair products….Camille Rose Naturals.

The Pre-Poo

I never ever start a wash day with pre-pooing my hair. That’s because the pre-poo helps to protect the hair from hygral fatigue which is damage that can occur from the simple action of your hair shaft expanding and contracting when being washed.

Starting the night before, I sectioned my hair into two, sprayed it with a little water to make it easier to manipulate and then nearly saturated it with coconut oil followed by a nice application of Aubrey Organics GPB (a staple in my regimen for a loooooong time). I slept with my hair covered with a plastic cap and satin bonnet.

On Saturday morning, I removed those hot as hell hair coverings and hopped into the shower.

The first Camille Rose product I used was the Sweet Ginger Cleansing Hair Rinse. (Subscribe to this blog to be alerted of my full review on the product). It was my first time using this cleanser and I washed my hair with it twice before proceeding to the next step of my hair wash regimen.

The Deep Condition

The next product used was the Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment. An excellent deep conditioner, I sat under my hooded hair dryer for 20 minutes before allowing my hair to cool for another 15 minutes.

Hopping back in the shower, I rinsed all of the deep conditioner out with cool water and lightly finger detangled. Very little shedding was the end result, in case you’re wondering.

I normally finger detangle before washing but since I knew I was going to work a number of products through my hair in small sections, I figured why do it twice?

The Wash and Go Step-by-Step

After hopping out of the shower, I sectioned my hair into 4 and created a deep side part to prep for how I wanted my hair to lay. With each section clipped up (ends wrapped under the clip to prevent them from drying out), I began to apply my products section by section.

As I took down each of the four sections, I split them into another two or three sections to ensure every strand of hair was covered with products.

The layering method I began with was the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method. Normally, I’d use the LCO method but decided to switch it up. Here’s the order in which I applied each product after rinsing out the deep conditioner:

  1. Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil (the only non-Camille Rose product used) – applied to soaking wet hair
  2. Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave in Conditioner
  3. Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Style Setter
  4. Camille Rose Naturals CurlMaker

Rarely do I use a full suite of products from a brand because combining products from my favorite lines is fun! Yet, you’re pretty much guaranteed your hair will be pH balanced when you use products formulated by the same brand.


My wet wash and go hair is defined and the shrinkage began to kick in immediately.

wash and go using camille rose naturals products

My dry hair looks a lot like my wet hair on day one. It takes a few days for it to “drop” to revealĀ a bit length so when I go to bed, I wear a Loc Soc to keep my hair laid, smooth and my curls in tact.

wash and go fine natural hair camille rose naturals wash and go

Products from Camille Rose Naturals leave my hair soft, shiny, moisturized, defined and with lots of movement. This is not just true for my wash and go’s but also for my other styles.

Do you like any of the products by Camille Rose Naturals that I’ve shared?


Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. What do you like about theThirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil? Where does one purchase it?

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