special needs mom and child

Vacation…See You in 2019!

Every year I take December off from blogging and social media activities. I think it’s important to take time off to spend with family and just to unplug. For me, being a special needs mom there’s so many moments of just not being able to enjoy life as much as possible. I grab as many […]

deep conditioners for fine natural hair

3 Deep Conditioners I’m Endorsing for Fine Natural Hair

Is your crown fragile, prone to breakage? Do you feel like nobody understands how delicate your hair is? I get it. I’ve had life long challenges with my fine natural hair, especially my crown area.  it’s like that section doesn’t thrive as much as the rest of your hair. Deep conditioning your hair is one […]

hair loss

Hair Loss: How Complaining Causes Stress & Hair Loss

What came first? The chicken or the egg? The same can be said for complaining and stress. What came first? The stress that leads to complaining that leads to hair loss? OR The complaining that leads to stress that leads to hair loss? Often times we talk about the things we can do externally that […]