Grace Elyae slap cap

The Slap Cap: 4 Ways to Protective Style with It

The Slap Cap from Grace Eleyae (pronounced Uh-Lay-uh) is the perfect tool when it comes time to protective style your hair. It will come in handy to help your hair retain moisture in winter. If you’re looking to grow your hair longer or just maintain the length you’re at, protective styling is one of the most effective […]

fine natural hair and faith

Top 10 Posts You Loved in 2018!

Every year is an opportunity to learn and master your hair……and your life. To help you with that process, in 2018 I wrote a number of articles sharing experiences with my fine natural hair as well as my life as a Christian special needs mom. If you’re new to this blog, you’ll appreciate this! If […]

Happy New Year! (2019)

As I reflect back on 2018, I’m actually glad the year is over. I typically don’t want to rush time but 2018 was not kind to me so good riddance. Not to rehash things since there aren’t a lot of good memories, I’ll just say that between all the surgeries and hospital visits for my […]

special needs mom and child

Vacation…See You in 2019!

Every year I take December off from blogging and social media activities. I think it’s important to take time off to spend with family and just to unplug. For me, being a special needs mom there’s so many moments of just not being able to enjoy life as much as possible. I grab as many […]