dr gross facial steamer review

Benefits of Facial Steaming and a Video Demo!

Face steaming benefits using Dr. Gross’ Facial Steamer and Hyaluronic Cushion Cream.

dr gross facial steamer review

Facial steaming has so many benefits but even mores, it is a fabulous way to pamper and love your skin. And what month is it? Love month!

Fabulous February will soon be long gone. Valentine’s day is done and Black History Month will soon be a thing of the past…..til next year of course. (Side Note: I considered writing some Black History posts but really wanted to keep with the beauty theme for February. Maybe next year :-))

Now, back to our regular scheduled programming…….Facial streaming

Steaming your face opens your pores, allows for deep cleaning and hydrates your skin. Aside from its wonderful benefits, face steaming is a wonderful way to pamper yourself as well. Last month, I talked about resetting your skin and this is the perfect way to start out.

When I was home during the Christmas Holiday and saw the infomercial for this, I knew I had to have it. Watch the video to see why:


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