In Review: Murad Anti-Acne Products

A few weeks ago I was asked to review Murad’s new anti-acne line, Anti-Aging Acne & Aging Skin Solution Kit. I am a contributor to the Painted Ladies blog and this is my first review of skin care products for them. I took my time reviewing the products because I wanted to be fair and […]

Easy Textured Banana Clipped Protective Style

Natural hair is so versatile.  What’s great is with all the protective styles available to you, there’s no reason you can’t come up with a new style every week!  I thoroughly enjoy discovering new ways to style my hair. Protective styling your hair is also protective for your skin. The less your hair is hanging […]

Hard Water’s Damaging Effects To Your Hair

If you’re anything like me (engrossed in personal care information), you’ll start wondering about the strangest things; Things like, is the water I’m washing my face with full of bacteria. Is hot water as harsh to the hair as it is to the skin? Is my water slowly eating away at my body? OK, maybe I’m […]