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HOTD: 1 Bun, 3 Different Styles

pin curled protective styleOOTD, HOTD. If you are lacking in hipness (like me!), it took you a while to figure out what the heck those acronyms stood for! Well, OOTD is Outfit of the Day. I won’t be sharing that but I will be sharing the HOTD aka Hair of The Day (or Hairstyle of the Day if you want to be fancy).

Buns are my favorite way to protective style. You can create a number of looks from the simple base used to create them – the ponytail.

The simplicity of your protective hairstyles is what helps you to further retain length due to using much less manipulation to create them.

The following 3 hairstyles are achieved by setting the hair in a bun with either a banana clip or satin scrunchie in different locations on the head. Then I added different hair accessories for accent.


Side Pin Curled Bun

protective hairstyle bun

It pays to live in NY. I can find virtually any type of hair accessory around. There are so many spots to buy them. The best part is they only cost from $1-$3. Of course, there are those that are a lot more pricey but I purchase those few and far between (and, only wear them on special occassions)

2 More Hairstyles:

hairstyle bun  Bun hairstyle

hairstyle with a bun  hair bun

I threw a cornrow in the front for a little variation.Still simple.

I’m realizing the more I manipulate my fine natural hair, the more it breaks. So, I’m trying to protect my ends by using low manipulation protective styling as much as possible. When you are trying to reach a hair goal, low manipulation is best.

The last bun was created with a satin scrunchy and bobby pins to pin curl. I used Murray’s Beeswax Cream and Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine to Smooth my edges and cut down on frizz.

Do you protective style and if so, what’s one of your favorite styles?


Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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  1. Hey thanks for commenting and following. I’m doing the same 🙂 I’m originally from NYC but living in philly now. Where can I get some of your products??? I’m loving your blog too!!

    1. Hey Miche’al- I don’t remember LOL. I braid with my own hair though. I don’t like using anything fake.

      Oh we gotta talk about this curly girl method. did you read the book? I did it this weekend and while i noticed my ends were good, it took my hair too long to dry. I think I’m going to do it again and use less (and a diff.) condish.

      I will say that I noticed my curls really forming though.

      1. Yes, I read the book and the method is great, but so time consuming. My curls looked great too. Do you think that the drying process is due to the conditioner?

        1. you know. it’s possible but i think how i had my hair packed on my head made a difference too. I am however switching the conditioner. This time I’m going to use the Shikai Every Day Conditioner.

          honestly, it wasn’t any more time consuming than my usual rituals. plus the fact that I LOVE playing in my hair, it’s time well spent 🙂

          I’m going to do Zizyphus again starting tonight. i pre-pooed with Vatika oil last night. I’m interested to see if the Zizyphus will have any effect on my curls when I do it the curly girl way.

      2. Yes, I read the book. I like the method but it is so time consuming. Do you think the drying process has anything to do with the conditioner?

  2. Hey Michelle!
    Wow you have a beautiful head of hair! I can’t wait to see where my new found hair journey takes me. Thanks so much for the site you recommended. I see myself online browsing ALOT of different places for info and that one I shall add to my personal list as well as your blog! I love pictures too. I’m a visual learner..nothing will stick in my memory without some sort of visual aid Lol. Keep in touch!

    1. Hi Tamara, Thanks for stopping by! Thank you. I’m trying to grow this mop top out to breast length! i’ll definitely keep in touch.

  3. Wow Michelle, you are superwoman! And don’t feel bad, my failed twist outs end up the same way (if not tucked under something). You do a great job. Still finding a way to make a fabulously neat bun while wearing each of your “hats”.

    Go girl!

    1. 🙂 Thanks. I’m thinking one day I’ll perfect the twist out. i bought Teri LaFlesh’s book, “Curly Like Me” I tried the leaving the conditioner in my hair and it took me over 12 hours to dry. That is not working. I am going to try and different condish and use less. Hopefully that will work.

    1. Dre, I have nooooo creativity. That’s how I wind up in buns. I’m usually saving a failed twist out lol.

      i took a bunch of pics of different buns and will share more. it can be overwhelming getting it all done sometimes though. I write for 2 other blogs, work full time AND run 2 e-stores! Hence, the bun is quick and easy 🙂

  4. Yay for buns… you know I’m a bun’s biggest fan! LOL. Love the headbands, too!!! Are these purchased headbands or DIY headbands?

    1. Hi Mickey, I purchased them for like $2. The beauty supply stores in NY have so much to choose from. I like going to the Bronx in the ghetto lol. They have a ton of stuff for cheap.

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