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Wonder Curl Wonder Curl!

I was going to say “Hercules, Hercules.” but then you’d wonder what the heck I’m talking about 🙂


wonder curl hair products

It’s my latest acquisition. Wonder Curl Hair Products. I’ve been wanting to try these products since last year when I first found out about them from my bloggy friend Shelli.  It was at that time that I was seeking to try all the products in the world until I found what worked for my hair. Well, the Wonder Curl brand is a staple for Shelli and if she likes it then it must be good. Check out her hair here.

Restoration of The Bomb Diggity

During this last year of my naturally curly life, I’ve really come to get in touch with my hair. One straightening appeared to change the density of my curls. I shared it in this post: Natural Hair Texture Change After Straightening. Since using Aubrey Organics Glycogen Protein Balance, getting a haircut, doing a series of Wash ‘N Gos and now most recently finding Worder Curl Products, it appears my curls are doing their thing again.

naturally curly hair

Anyway, when Scarlett from Wonder Curl shared with me that she was offering an Independence Day sale, I knew it was meant to be (so like me right?).

Scarlett was so helpful in helping figure out which products were indicated for my hair type.  Based on her recommendations, I purchased:

Wonder Curl Get Slick Hair Smoothie

Get Slick Hair Smoothie provides your hair with the benefits of organic coconut oil and organic castor oil. Coconut oil, known for its benefits to skin and hair, is the only oil that penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen. Castor oil, also known for its medicinal properties, protects hair, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Using Get Slick Hair Smoothie will keep your hair looking soft, shiny and strong.

Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly

Get Set Hair Jelly smooths, soothes and controls frizz without stiffness. Used with organic aloe vera which for many is a miraculous plant. In hair it is used to promote growth and revitalize hair. This jelly is also loaded with pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) to strengthen your hair. Get Set Hair Jelly keeps your coils looking fresh and fabulous all day.

Get Set Hair Jelly isn’t your typical hair gel. This Jelly defines your curls and protects your hair from humidity. For best results, use with Get Slick Hair Smoothie.

Scarlett recommended that these two products be paired together on the hair for created beautiful, carefree curls. When I got my hair cut and styled with the Wonder Curl products (specifically the Get Set Hair Jelly). Beautiful and carefree is exactly what I got:

wonder curl hair

When I do my next Wash ‘n Go, I’ll add the smoothie as a leave in to eliminate the initial crunch experienced on day 1.

Let’s Interact: Have you tried the Wonder Curl brand? If not, what are you waiting for?!

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Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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  1. This does an excellent job keeping curls content and healthy. I love my hair now because of this product. Nothing on this earth even comes close.

      1. You are lucky to have a natural curly hair. I do also love to have curly hair and I think that the curl can help me. Thanks for taking your time reply in my comment. Lots of hugs to you.

  2. Hey chica, have you tried the WNG on your own yet? I have yet to duplicate my results!!!! I got some of the potent stuff from Tameeka that day #frownyface

    Let me know how it fares for you…my hair did swell but wasn’t as defined, ok it was a billion degrees of humidity. I’m going to try again!

    1. nope not yet. I’m all twisted up! I’m going to do it for the BlogHer12 conference in August though and hope it comes out.

      try it with a diffuser instead of letting it air dry. I used a diffuser on my naked hair before twisting on Friday night and the curls were pa-pow! I didn’t even have product in it. I can imagine what it will look like with product

    1. really? I’ve never had issues buying online. If you ever want to cut your risks, get a pre-paid card like from American Express. It’s free to get one. That way you can use it to buy stuff when you like and there’s no access to your bank account or credit. Plus, Amex is really good at fixing issues with merchants. Once I bought a photography package for my daughter and I didn’t get a good feeling about it. I was calling the co. and no answer. I called Amex and they credited me right away.

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