HERBS FOR HAIR CARE: Top 5 Herbs for a Complete Regimen

When looking to switch over from traditional hair care to natural herbal hair careĀ (referred to by some as Ayurvedic hair care), it can be a bit overwhelming to know what to use. There’s literally scores of herbs that can be incorporated in to your hair care regimen, not to mention all the different combinations that […]

Amla and Brahmi herbs for hair care


Brahmi and Amla are two herbs for hair care that compliment each other. Usually, if you are using Brahmi, you are using Amla right along with it. Here’s why… Amla Benefits Amla is an herb native to the tropical areas of India. Also called Indian Gooseberry, Amla contains high levels of vitamin C as well […]

hibiscus and Aloe Vera herbs for hair care

HERBS FOR HAIR CARE: Aloe Vera and Hibiscus

Adding simple herbs to your deep conditioner can help your hair to thrive. When using herbs for hair care, you don’t want to overwhelm your products with tons of herbs. Just 1 or 2 herbs will suffice. Plus, you are better able to see what herbs work best in your hair when you don’t use […]

herbs for hair care


Herbs are a part of God’s great collection of goodies that are beneficial for so much. Medications, while composed of chemicals are also herbal in nature. Many drugs contain natural components to them. It’s no surprise how much herbs can do for the human body and that includes our hair. When first starting out using […]