amla and hibiscus for itchy scalp

Amla & Hibiscus Cured My Itchies!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this post. Forget all the rigamarole of making sure it’s got enough words or that it’s search engine optimized. I’m getting right to it! I’ve been suffering for YEARS with having an itchy scalp right after washing my hair. First, I thought my itchy scalp […]

fine natural hair and faith

Top 10 Posts You Loved in 2018!

Every year is an opportunity to learn and master your hair……and your life. To help you with that process, in 2018 I wrote a number of articles sharing experiences with my fine natural hair as well as my life as a Christian special needs mom. If you’re new to this blog, you’ll appreciate this! If […]

henna to cover gray hair

Quick Ways to Add Henna to Your Hair Regimen

There are so many ways you can add henna to your natual hair regimen if that’s something that interests you. In this video I share the many ways you can add henna to your natural hair regimen that go beyond just doing a straight full strength henna treatment. For many, the very use of henna […]