curly proverbz ayurvedic hair line

Curly Proverbz NEW Herbal Hair Care Line

If you are not much the DIYer, I feel you. I too enjoy all natural products but if making them requires me to mix more than 3 ingredients, I start glossing over the recipe. It’s just easier to by a hair product in a bottle. The only problem is regular, store made hair products have […]

reshma henna application to gray roots

Henna Root Touch Up to Cover Gray Hair

I don’t use chemicals on my fine natural hair. So, how on earth do I cover my grays??? (and there’s a lot of them!) Henna Henna not only covers gray hair permanently (hair stays stained but new growth must be recolored), it strengthens fine strands, adding “weight” to them. I’ve been a henna head for […]

fine natural hair

How to Get Smooth and Sleek Curls With Henna

This wash day was supposed to be a quick one. Cleanse, deep condition, rinse and style. But then, I noticed it. Unruly grays fighting their way through. It has been about 2 months (maybe longer) since I’ve done a henna application on this fine natural hair so I had to pull myself out of the […]

diy hair products

How to Be a Mad Scientist with Your Hair Products!

The decision to become a mad scientist (or you can call it a happy mixtress ) by making your own hair products can be fun. It can also save you money, which is often a concern for naturals who after a while have allowed themselves to become product junkies. If you are ready to start saving money on […]

hair product ingredients

Royal Hair Treatment with Products from A-Z

Remember that post I wrote on being a hair mixtress when you find your hair products are costing you too much money? Well, today I’m giving you a list of DIY ingredients (from A to Z) to make your own hair products and to help ya out with your hair care needs. You’re welcome and here you go! […]