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If we knew what was going to happen every minute of every day, there would be no need for faith. I could end this post right with that statement and it would still be more impactful than a lot of the so called inspirational junk you will find in the world. That’s not to say […]

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I’m changing up the posting schedule a little here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith. On Mondays and Wednesdays I’ll be sharing all my hair related posts: – Wash Days – Product Reviews – Fine hair styling tips – Length retention & growth ideas – Basically, anything hair! Moving from Wednesdays to Fridays are the […]

waiting on God

When Waiting on God Becomes a Chore

It’s been 3 years since you’ve prayed for a husband. 18 months since you’ve prayed for the money to buy your own home. 6 months since you’ve prayed for a new job. You’ve done all you know to do. You’ve fasted for one week a month. You’ve quoted the scriptures day in and day out. […]

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Having Faith in the New Year

New years resolutions. People of the world make them and almostĀ never keep them. “New year. New you.” Yeah, I won’t touch that one. The only sustainable thing you have at your disposal to help you accomplish any of your goals (or resolutions) this year or any year, is what God Almighty provides. Faith. With faith […]

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4 Ways to Honor Christ this Season

Christmas trees, garland, shopping for presents, and singing Christmas carols. Drinking hot cocoa by the fire place and having dinner with family. That’s what most people do for Christmas. Yet while there’s nothing wrong with doing any of those things, they don’t represent the true meaning of Christmas which is Christ. Christ is the root […]