Fine Hair Help: Free Resources

Come on. Let’s face it. If you have fine hair, you are likely struggling with caring for it. You need help for your fine hair and the resources below are free to download:

Hair Care Infographics:

hair spa day  hair product ingredients  loc method infographic  Naturals Glam Survival Kit

Infographics are a speedy way to get an overall picture of how to do something. In this case, there’s natural treatments and methods of caring for your help to the rescue as well as a list of items you can take with you on the go.

Hair Checklists & Reference Sheets

Now, these images may not be the best but when you click on them, you’ll be taken to a full PDF file that you can download, print or view. The best help you can get for your fine hair is to implement what you learn (or are reminded of something you know to do but are not doing it!) These checklists were created to remind you of the importance of (as well as a little how to’s) finger detangling (best for fine hair, especially fine natural hair) and protective styling (at least 80% of the time). You’ll also fine some simple DIY hair recipes you can make. This is great if you are looking to move away from mainstream hair products that tend to be heavy laden with chemicals.

Detangling101 Checklist  protective styling  recipes-image

How to Hair Guides

This is a going to be a constantly building resource to help you with your fine hair but for now here’s what’s available:

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Henna on Natural Hair

Guide to Growing Fine Natural Hair Long

Simple Indian Herbal Hair Care Guide

Fine Natural Hair Styling Regimen E-Book:

Last but certainly not lease, most people looking for help to care for their fine natural hair are really looking specifically for help in the styling department. The guide below offers you three different methods of styling your hair with the intention of preserving as much length as possible through low manipulation. It’s absolutely free but you’ll need to sign up to the Fine Natural Hair and Faith mailing list to get it. Not to worry though. no spam here. You’ll only receive inspirational tips to help you care for your fine hair along with updates from the blog. Note: This blog is written by a Christian so what is shared here is always with what God can do, has do and will do in mine. Be blessed!