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NEW BEGINNINGS: Stimulating Your Scalp

With a focus on new beginnings when it comes to growing healthy hair, the scalp should be the focus of much of your attention. It’s the beginning of any journey to growing healthy hair. Why? The scalp is where your hair grows from. Simple. But it’s deeper than that. Your hair actually begins growing beneath […]

Monthly Hair Focus Series

There’s so much information around about natural hair care and sometimes it gets overwhelming to weed through it all. Topics are all over the place. That’s why I decided how great of an idea it would be to start a series for the rest of this year where I only write about one hair care […]

5 Tips for a Well Stocked Arsenal Of Hair Products

A well stocked arsenal of hair products makes caring for your hair so much easier! If you live in a climate where there’s a constant changing of seasons, then you know how valuable it is to have hair products at your disposal that tend to all of your hair’s needs: Cleansing, moisturizing, strengthening and styling. […]

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Top 10 Posts You Loved in 2018!

Every year is an opportunity to learn and master your hair……and your life. To help you with that process, in 2018 I wrote a number of articles sharing experiences with my fine natural hair as well as my life as a Christian special needs mom. If you’re new to this blog, you’ll appreciate this! If […]