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How to Add Slip to Your Conditioner: 6 Ways

It’s optimal when your favorite hair conditioner possesses slip. You may love your conditioner because of how it makes your hair feel, look or smell. The missing slip factor may be the only thing that keeps you from rating your conditioner a five versus a four. You may even  be prepared to do the unthinkable and […]

Fine Afro Textured Natural Hair MUST HAVES

Afro textured hair is absolutely beautiful. Curly, wavy, oily, fine, thick – it doesn’t matter. The different textures are unique to each head of hair. Yet, for all of it’s beauty, it can be what some would consider high maintenance! Of course, that’s subjective. What you consider high maintenance may be totally different from what […]

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Why I Stopped Doing Hot Oil Treatments

Warm, fragrant oil making its way down your scalp to the base of your neck. Ahhhh….Aint nobody got time for that! While hot oil treatments are great for people struggling with specific concerns, they are pretty much a thing of the past for me.  Before I share why, let’s examine some of the benefits of […]

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How to Fall In Love with Your Fine Natural Hair

Let’s face it, our fine natural hair will never look the same as those ladies possessing heftier tresses. And, that’s OK! When you do everything that you know to do (and start doing the things you don’t know) to your fine natural hair, you will discover that it’s quite loveable after all! Related Posts: Advantages […]

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What I’m Doing That’s Making My Fine Hair Thicker

Strand Thickness vs. Density The two are different animals but closely related. Strand thickness determines if you have fine hair or thick hair. Density (low, medium or high) is determined by the number of hairs you have on your head. So, you could have fine hair but if the density is outrageous, then you will […]