3 Ways to Protect Your Ends From Breaking Off

As you know, your ends are the oldest part of your hair and the most fragile. This makes your ends vulnerable to breakage. That’s not to say that your hair can’t break off in other places.  It’s just more likely to take place at the ends of the hair shaft.

Top 10 Detangling Tips for Length Retention

Let’s face it. Detangling your hair can be a chore. Sometimes you just don’t wanna! But…it’s inevitable. You have to let down your mane and get to detangling and removing shed hair….eventually. If you never detangled your hair, eventually it would just dred up. I’m not an expert on locs but

How Natural Hair Challenges Help With Length Retention

Image source unknown Every time you turn around, there’s a natural hair challenge going on – a Castor oil challenge, bun challenge, twists challenge, protective style or other challenge…it never ends! Well, there must be something to it. Ya think? I think. Regardless to the type, challenges force you to