NEW BEGINNINGS: Trimming for Hair Growth

Have you ever heard of new moon trimming? I’m particularly careful about things that seem to be based in mysticism. I don’t know if trimming your hair according to the new moon holds tangible merit but after doing some research, here’s what I found… What is New Moon Trimming Cutting Hair by the Moon – […]

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NEW BEGINNINGS: Stimulating Hair Growth Internally

Scalp massages and applying concoctions to your scalp. While both ways help with stimulating hair growth, the real game changer happens when you focus on stimulating hair growth from within. The quality of your nutritional intake will determine just how healthy your hair grows. Sure, you may achieve some measure of hair growth eating and […]

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NEW BEGINNINGS: Stimulating Your Scalp

With a focus on new beginnings when it comes to growing healthy hair, the scalp should be the focus of much of your attention. It’s the beginning of any journey to growing healthy hair. Why? The scalp is where your hair grows from. Simple. But it’s deeper than that. Your hair actually begins growing beneath […]

Nightly Scalp Massage: Secret to a Stimulated Scalp

If you aren’t familiar with having a nightly scalp massage routine, let me introduce you. I find that massaging the scalp nightly is the key to stimulating the blood flow in your scalp which leads to healthy hair growth and at times, an increased rate of hair growth. HERE’S A QUICK VIDEO DEMONSTRATING THE SCALP […]