ways to retain length

8 Ways to Retain Length and Reach Yor Hair Goals

Hair growth – Process of hair growing out of the scalp from the follicle as a result of nourishment being fed to the follicles by the blood vessels surrounding it. Length retention – The process of effectively preserving the hair that grows out of your scalp in such a way that the ends (the oldest section […]

God and hair care

Thankfulness and Inviting God Into Your Hair Care

Thanksgiving. It’s a day when families and friends get together and sit around a table (or all around the house) to enjoy a good meal. Other than that, there’s not much thankfulness going on. Sad really. Today’s quick post on Fine Natural Hair and Faith in honor of this Day of Thanks, will be different. […]

swakcourture head wraps

Winter Sucks. These Tools to Protect Fine Hair Don’t

“Gee I just love how damaging the frigid temps can be to my fine hair. Bring on the negative degrees!” Said:  No….One….Ever! Winter time is for the birds (and even they have sense enough to fly south for the season). The high winds that accompany winter are very harmful to all hair types but especially […]