hibiscus and Aloe Vera herbs for hair care

HERBS FOR HAIR CARE: Aloe Vera and Hibiscus

Adding simple herbs to your deep conditioner can help your hair to thrive. When using herbs for hair care, you don’t want to overwhelm your products with tons of herbs. Just 1 or 2 herbs will suffice. Plus, you are better able to see what herbs work best in your hair when you don’t use […]

bentonite clay wash on fine natural hair

NEW BEGINNINGS: Ways to Clarify Your Hair and Scalp

When embarking on any new hair journey, it’s a great idea to start by clarifying your hair and scalp. Benefits of Clarifying Your Hair Clarifying your hair removes product build up from the hair shaft. When your hair shaft is clear of residual hair products, not only do your hair styles look better, your hair […]

trimming your own hair

NEW BEGINNINGS: Ways to trim your own hair

There’s nothing like knowing you need to trim your hair but being too afraid to allow someone to do it. There’s too many horror stories of going to so called professionals for a simple trim, only to leave their establishment with 3 less inches of hair. Like, “What just happened?” There are certainly times when […]

fine natural hair and faith

Top 10 Posts You Loved in 2018!

Every year is an opportunity to learn and master your hair……and your life. To help you with that process, in 2018 I wrote a number of articles sharing experiences with my fine natural hair as well as my life as a Christian special needs mom. If you’re new to this blog, you’ll appreciate this! If […]

moisturizing for hair

Best Time to Use Glycerin to Moisturize Your Hair

When the temperatures begin to drop, that’s the time when most people get concerned about maintaining good moisture in their hair. That’s because hair can quickly become dehydrated in cold weather. In a matter of minutes, your hair can be as dry as the desert on hot day. Glycerin is a popular element for helping […]

moisturizing high porosity hair

How to Moisturize & Seal High Porosity Hair

Just like low and medium porosity hair, high porosity hair needs moisture. The problem with high porosity hair is the moisture escapes quite easily. This post will share with you how to moisturize high porosity hair. Now, in the interest of disclosure I can not provide personal experiences as I don’t have high porosity hair. […]