straight fine natural hair

New Haircut, Silk Press and Hair Regimen Changes

It’s been over three years and it was time. I’m quite adverse to regular heat styling natural hair. Especially, fine natural hair. That’s because it can cause irreversible damage. That doesn’t mean that those of us with fine hair can never heat style. With the right tools and techniques, we should be able to enjoy […]

accessorizing fine hair

Updated Hair Regimen for MahoganyCurls Hair Growth Challenge

In my two month check in for MahoganyCurls Healthy Hair Growth Challenge, I shared my disappointment in the results I’ve achieved to date. It’s early enough in the challenge that I realize that some of the recommendations for participating in the challenge weren’t necessarily great for my hair. “Rules” (guidelines) for the challenge: – Wash […]

minimalist hair regimen

5 Products for a Complete Minimalist Hair Care Regimen

Bottles and piles of hair products overtake your cabinets and shelf space. When you finally get to a product you purchased last year, you realize it’s begun to spoil. What a waste. If that’s your story, then you’ve come to realize that being a product junkie is more trouble than it’s worth and you’re ready […]

moisturizing and sealing natural hair

How To: Moisturizing and Sealing Fine Natural Hair

You’ve made your best effort to finally try that hairstyle your favorite hair blogger did (like 9 months ago), only to discover little pieces of hair in your sink and on your shoulders. Maybe you’ve noticed it before but the breakage seems to have gotten worst. Let me help you out. Well moisturized hair is […]

wash and go

Updated Wash and Go Routine with Camille Rose Naturals

The wash and go has been a staple style in my fine natural hair regimen for a while now. that’s mainly because it gives lots of volume and it’s pretty low maintenance. So without further ado, here’s my updated wash and go routine using one of my favorite line of hair products….Camille Rose Naturals. The […]