speedy wash and go

Speedy Wash and Go Routine

This past weekend I went out of town for a mini-staycation. Prior to going, I knew I had to wash my hair because it was feeling dry and had a lot of product build up. Running short on time, I decided to short cut my routine by omitting my deep conditioning session (I know. Shame […]

using the mane choice products on wash day

Wash Day With The Mane Choice Hair Solution

At the beginning of the year, I shared 10 hair mistakes I would no longer be making from 2017 on. One of those mistakes (at least for me), is using products from too many lines including using a mixture of products from various hair care lines on wash day. One of the natural hair product lines that […]

detangled fine hair

*NEW* Detangling Routine…2017

Finger detangling. It’s ideal for fine hair naturals. It’s also not ideal if you have fine hair but tons of it. Ah, the density factor. Finger detangling can then become very time consuming. While, I do not have what would constitute maximum levels of density (would be nice though), I do have a moderate amount (medium density) […]

straight fine natural hair

New Haircut, Silk Press and Hair Regimen Changes

It’s been over three years and it was time. I’m quite adverse to regular heat styling natural hair. Especially, fine natural hair. That’s because it can cause irreversible damage. That doesn’t mean that those of us with fine hair can never heat style. With the right tools and techniques, we should be able to enjoy […]

accessorizing fine hair

Updated Hair Regimen for MahoganyCurls Hair Growth Challenge

In my two month check in for MahoganyCurls Healthy Hair Growth Challenge, I shared my disappointment in the results I’ve achieved to date. It’s early enough in the challenge that I realize that some of the recommendations for participating in the challenge weren’t necessarily great for my hair. “Rules” (guidelines) for the challenge: – Wash […]