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You ended up on this page either because you are looking for information on caring for/styling fine natural hair, or seeking some inspiration based on Christian faith. Fine Natural Hair and Faith is a resource that was put together and is regularly updated with information on those very topics. Michelle (hey, that’s me!) shares her fine natural hair journey alongside her personal life experiences and faith walk as a Christian special needs mom. You’ll find numerous articles and blog posts written on the subject matters.

In order to help you navigate this site, I compiled some of the main pages and best information down below but for starters, the nifty menu at the top of the screen is your key to navigating. When you reach the bottom of any page on this site and want to return to the top, all you need to do is click that little green “up” arrow in the far right corner. Pretty cool huh?

Below you’ll find some of the popular articles and links to resources/pages of interest. They are broken down under the two main topics of this site:

Fine Natural Hair

natural hair reverting

Free Resources for Fine Hair – Here you’ll find Ebooks, Infographics and Reference sheets to help you on your journey toward healthy fine hair that maintains length. Topics include styling, DIY hair recipes and more.

The Shocking Truth About Protein Use on Your Hair

Why Fine Hair Needs Protein and How to Strength It

Low Manipulation Daily Regimen for Fine Curly Hair

Fine Natural Hair: Growth, Tips & Easy Hairstyles

Growing Fine Natural Hair Long

Hairstyles for Fine Naturally Curly Hair

Staple Hair Products \ fine natural hair

How I Repaired Damaged Curls from 2011-2016

10 Non-Negotiable Practices of Naturals Who Retain Length

Christian Faith & Inspiration

what is faith

Hold on to Your Faith

Why You Need to Be Bold in Your Faith

How to Have a Victorious Life With Daily Confessions

Other Beauty Related

Discover the Cause of Your Acne with Face Mapping

37 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Skin

Doctors Recommending Areola Tattoos for Breast Cancer Patients….WHAT

On The Blog

To read past blog posts by topic, you can navigate by clicking on one of the following categories:

Fine Hair Care  – Articles written on the care of fine natural hair and fine hair in general. You’ll find articles that go into depth and technique about washing, deep conditioning, moisturizing and maintaining fine hair so that you can reach your hair goals. One of those goals that most ladies has is length retention.

DIY Herbal Hair Care – A special focus on hair care, articles that include how to create some of your own hair products including deep conditioners and protein treatments. You’ll also find all of the articles written on the subject of using Henna on natural hair.

Fine Hair Styling – The articles on this page are strictly about styling fine natural hair. Curls, Wash and Go’s, Twist Out’s, Braid Out’s, and Protective Styles.

Beauty Related – Posts that don’t fall under the heading of fine hair care. For example, skin care and beauty related health posts.

Special Needs Mom Life – Shares events and experiences I’ve gone through with my child who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a rare form of epilepsy.

Bible Resources & Books – This is a compilation of books and resources that have been helpful in my spiritual walk. Some of it is entertaining but most of it is just truth to help you grow closer to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Faith – On this page you’ll find every blog post I’ve written on the subject of faith. That includes my faith walk as a special needs mom.

Inspiration – This page assembles all of the posts that are written to inspire your life. Mostly, they are based on living life as a Christian.

Products – This page shares product reviews and recommended hair care products for the maintenance of fine natural hair.

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