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MAY HAIR FOCUS: Low Manipulation Hair Styling

Hello May!

It’s a new month and we have a new hair focus this month: Low Manipulation Hair Styling….

If you’ve been following along since the start of the hair focus series, you may have noticed that we started out focusing on getting our fine strands prepared to be stronger.

Then, we began infusing our strands with a number of proven herbs for hair care.

The whole point of getting stronger strands is so they could retain more length. So our next focus of doing hairstyles that require low manipulation is so that we can continue to retain that length.

Protective Styling?

Low manipulation hair styles aren’t necessarily protective. They may require some manipulation to set the style but once you set your hair in the style, you then need do very little to maintain it throughout the week.

Examples of low manipulation styles include:

– Medium Twists or Braids
– Box braids
– Roller/rod sets
– Twist outs
– Braid outs
– Wash and Gos

This week let’s start out with what I call my ole faithful way of styling…in a wash and go.

While it takes a bit of manipulation on wash day to work products throughout the hair, the wash and go requires little to no manipulation to maintain it. That is, if you use the products AND the right technique.

When you use the right combination of styling products to set your wash and go, you will not need to moisturize, refresh or touch your hair throughout the week (or however many days before you wash it again).

Best Gel for a Low Manipulation Wash and Go

Hands down, the best gel I’ve used to date (and continue to use) for a wash and go that allows me not to touch my hair is Camille Rose Naturals CurlMaker.

This gel is so moisturizing and has just the right amount of hold. It defines my curls to the point of near perfection 🙂

Over time as my hair has thickened, I’ve discovered that the results get better and better. You really must give it a try with your best leave in!

Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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