A Christmas Break

Every year I usually take the entire month of December off to spend with my son without distractions created from blogging and engaging in social media. This year I had already been away for so long (due to moving and CJ’s multiple surgeries & hospital stays) that I didn’t want to take the entire month […]

Cj having a fun day

Where The Heck Have I Been?

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated Fine Natural Hair and Faith with original content (nearly two months). It’s been even longer since I’ve recorded a video for my YouTube channel. All neglect is with good reason though. I’m normally very consistent with sharing content that either helps my fellow fine hair naturals or inspires […]

how special needs children affect your life

How Special Needs Children Keep You Grounded

Have you ever noticed how people look at the parents of special needs children? It’s as if they pity us. They see a child in a wheelchair or with some other form of disability and think what a bad hand that’s been dealt. How wrong they are. While having a special needs child comes with its own […]

love of a special needs mom

If CJ Could Talk, This is What He’d Like You to Know

The past few weeks have been very trying times for my family. Decisions had and still have to be made concerning CJ’s health and medications. Seizures have tried to take over his body along with  a host of kidney stones. On Monday CJ was scheduled to have surgery to remove the final kidney stone.The surgery actually never […]

How Cerebral Palsy Changed My Life

Children in general change a family but children with special needs tend to have a greater impact due to the many challenges that can arise. My life has been changed dramatically since I received the diagnosis that my son had cerebral palsy (13 years ago), I can’t quite form into words how much I’ve changed as […]

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How I Make Special Needs Family Life More Meaningful

 One thing having a special needs child has taught me is that because we aren’t able to do things that other families can do, that doesn’t make our lives are less meaningful. It takes faith to live a life that may appear less meaningful to others. I could easily sit around and have a pity […]