Moisture 101: Guide to Moisturizing, & Sealing Fine Natural Hair


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If you’re looking for information on how to moisturize your fine natural hair in a manner that’s effective and allows you to actually retain that moisture, this is going to be your go-to source for all things moisture related as it pertains to hair.

Below you’ll find various articles written on the subject of moisturizing fine natural hair. This Moisture 101 page is a guide for helping those with fine natural hair discover the most effective moisturizing routine.

Moisture Impartation Tips

When it comes to imparting moisture to your hair, it may seem like a relatively simple thing to do. All you have to do is wet your hair right? Not quite. The articles below share with you a number of ways to get moisture into your fine natural hair. There’s articles written from the view point of having fine hair as well as articles based on your hair’s porosity type.

Moisturizing Fine Natural Hair

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How to Moisturize & Seal High Porosity Hair

Moisture Retention Tips

Once your hair is good and moisturized, all the moisture in the world won’t be worth a hill of beans if you don’t retain said moisture. It’s what’s called moisture retention and the articles below provide good information on helping you to retain moisture in your fine natural hair. The two How-to articles above on moisturizing low and high porosity hair could also be included in this section since they both show you how to seal moisture into the hair after imparting it.

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Seasonal Moisture Tips

Moisturizing your hair in the summer can be quite different from the way you do it in the winter. For one, the types of products you use matter.

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Moisture and Products

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