power productivity organizing program

Getting Organized With the Power Productivity Program

power productivity organizing program

A while back I started watching YouTube videos on organizing by Alejandra.tv. I was very interested in the little yet effective ways that Alejandra shares to get organized in just about every way.

You see, I am severely retarded in the organizing department. I try to get organized and it just doesn’t last. (the fact that I have an over-abundance of beauty products doesn’t help either).

As I began to watch Alejandra’s videos, I eventually signed up for her Free 3 day Organizing video lessons. These videos really helped motivate me to want to get my act together.

Have a special needs child and working full time often takes up a lot of my time but if I can get organized in every area of my life, then I will be a more effective mom and employee (blogger too!).

So, after watching Alejandra’s free video series, I was introduced to her complete organizing program called, “The Power Productivity Program.” The program contains 5 modules that include:

  • How to get started organizing
  • How to organize everything in your life step by step
  • How to figure out the type of organizer you are
  • How to stay organized

and so much more….

I was hesitant to purchase the program because it’s not cheap $197 if you pay in full. But taking into account that it’s more of an investment in myself than it is a “purchase,” I decided to do it. Besides…I haven’t been doing so well on my own.

First Impressions

I finished reading all the modules in the Power Productivity Program last week. I’ve since completely organizing my kitchen and put the systems together that Alejandra teaches in the program. I am organizing my spaces room by room and while this is going to take time, I am confident I will stay organized.  There’s things that Alejandra teaches that while, are not rocket science, are simple enough to be overlooked.

I will share some about my experiences with organizing each of my rooms and will start sharing the completed kitchen next week. Stay tuned.

To discover this brilliant organizing program, click here: the Power Productivity Program

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