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The 1-Minute Task That Could Save Your Hair

Does your hair have difficulty retaining moisture? Do you strands feel like straw when you get out of bed in the morning? Sometimes seeing improvement in just one area of your life requires you to change just one thing. Let’s say you’ve been exercising to lose weight. I’m talking about every day you do 30 […]

reaching hair goals

Guide to Hair Goals: Which Ones Do You Have?

Hair goals. Most people have them. You may even have more than one goal for your hair. Whatever you are focusing your attention on, the ideas below may help you or at least provide you with some ideas to take your hair to the next level. Longer hair This is a common goal for¬†many ladies […]

moisturizing high porosity hair

How to Moisturize & Seal High Porosity Hair

Just like low and medium porosity hair, high porosity hair needs moisture. The problem with high porosity hair is the moisture escapes quite easily. This post will share with you how to moisturize high porosity hair. Now, in the interest of disclosure I can not provide personal experiences as I don’t have high porosity hair. […]