deep conditioners for fine natural hair

3 Deep Conditioners I’m Endorsing for Fine Natural Hair

Is your crown fragile, prone to breakage? Do you feel like nobody understands how delicate your hair is? I get it. I’ve had life long challenges with my fine natural hair, especially my crown area. ¬†it’s like that section doesn’t thrive as much as the rest of your hair. Deep conditioning your hair is one […]

moisturizing for hair

Best Time to Use Glycerin to Moisturize Your Hair

When the temperatures begin to drop, that’s the time when most people get concerned about maintaining good moisture in their hair. That’s because hair can quickly become dehydrated in cold weather. In a matter of minutes, your hair can be as dry as the desert on hot day. Glycerin is a popular element for helping […]

Herbal Hair Oils to Maintain Strong Fine Natural Hair

Oil is not only good for¬†sealing in moisture. While there’s a limited number of ways to use oils in your hair, the type of oils you use make a difference between simple sealing, stimulating growth and strengthening the hair fibers. So, it would stand to reason that depending on your hair goals, you want to […]

naturalicious hair system

Naturalicious: Hello Gorgeous 3 Step Hair System

3 steps to a complete hair care regimen (that’s the claim) 3 videos to examine it all. Below you’ll find 3 videos created to examine Naturalicious Hello Gorgeous Three Step Hair System. I received the system for looser curls and waves. Video 1 – Unboxing and First Impressions   Video 2 – Demo & Review […]