staple hair products

When It’s Time to Revisit Your Staple Hair Products

Your staple hair products are no longer working. Your staple hair products are not helping you to reach your hair goals. Your hair is no longer responding to those favorite hair products the way it once used to. There’s a number of reasons you should consider revising the hair products you’re calling your “staples.” It could be […]

kinky kashmere betta butta

In Review: Kinky Kashmere Betta Butta

A while back I reviewed two products from the Kinky Kashmere line. Recently, I felt the overwhelming need to highlight out one of the products all by its lonesome. Kinky Kashmere Betta Butta Product Claims  Handcrafted to add shine, moisture, and softness, while leaving your hair bouncy and defined. Pros This hair butter is one […]

minimalist hair regimen

5 Products for a Complete Minimalist Hair Care Regimen

Bottles and piles of hair products overtake your cabinets and shelf space. When you finally get to a product you purchased last year, you realize it’s begun to spoil. What a waste. If that’s your story, then you’ve come to realize that being a product junkie is more trouble than it’s worth and you’re ready […]

laying edges on fine natural hair

3 Fine Hair Approved Edge Control Products

It doesn’t matter if it’s date night or women’s day at the church. You want your hairstyle to represent you well. Laid edges are your style completer. Not too long ago I shared a simple method to lay your edges without using an actual edge control product. This method allows you to easily smooth your edges […]