diy goat's milk hair conditioner

Staple: DIY Goat’s Milk Honey & Oils Conditioner Recipe

Fine hair needs protein. Many focus on moisture and neglect the fact that protein is just as important.  I’ve used numerous hair products for protein treatments but I must say that the DIY Goat’s Milk Recipe I got from Hairscapades is one of the best. I’ve since altered the recipe to suit my hair’s needs.

diy goat's milk hair conditioner

I’ve been using goat’s milk in conjunction with natural oils and essential oils for over a year now. This recipe is protein and moisture balanced. My hair never feels hard after use, only strong.

How I use the DIY Goat’s Milk Hair Conditioner

fine natural hair after bentonite clay wash
Naturally Curly Hair


This conditioner prevents my hair from weakening due to daily manipulation and external factors like cold weather. While I only use it once a month during the summer months, the remaining months of the year, I use goat’s milk, honey and natural oils on a more regular basis (2-3 times per month). Sometimes, after rinsing I will follow up with a hair rinse or rinse out conditioner (like Shea Moisture’s Zanzibar Marine Complex)

In this video I demonstrate how I make and apply my goat’s milk conditioner:

Best Features

Aside from the obvious hair strengthening, one of the things I like best about this recipe is the amount of slip it is. Like I mention in the video, the slip is amazing! I also love that I can get a most excellent conditioning with ingredients that can be found right in an average kitchen.

DIY Goat’s Milk Conditioner Recipe Ingredients

– 1/4 cup of Goat milk (Evaporated in a can OR the equivalent from powdered goat milk)
– 1/2 tablespoon Organic jojoba oil
– 1/2 tablespoon Extra virgin coconut oil (can omit if your hair doesn’t particularly care for coconut oil)
– 1/2 tablespoon Olive Oil (sub: grapeseed oil)
–  Dropper full of Eucalyptus Oil (I alternate using tea tree and rosemary oil, sometimes both. All 3 of these essential oils stimulate growth)
– Squirt of Organic Honey
– Guar gum (approximately 1/2 teaspoon)


Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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  1. Hi Michelle! I’ve read with great interest your posts (and videos) about hair protein and have learnt so much for which I am very grateful to you for that you took the time to share your knowledge. I’m a white girl with naturally wavy dark brown hair that has become extremely straw like and brittle. Well it’s naturally wavy now that I live in a humid climate but when I lived in a cool climate, not so wavy. It used to be so very soft and shiny and one time I got my hair coloured at a salon (as I had done every 2 months or so at the time) and they forgot to put in whatever treatment that they normally used afterwards. Since then (about 8 years ago) my hair has never been the same no matter what kind of treatments or conditioners or sprays I use. I’m thinking at this point it could do with a protein treatment and am going to try the hydrolyzed wheat protein in some conditioner.
    I’m also thinking that all the sprays and whatnot I’ve been using to try and make it nice again, has stuffed up the protein/moisture balance in a big way and I need to focus on correcting that. Do you think this goats milk conditioner would be helpful in this regard? And this is something that should be done after the protein treatment, then normal conditioner (without protein in it), then this, so this is considered a deep conditioning treatment, right?
    Also, I was thinking of purchasing a conditioning heat cap, either a microwavable or electric one and wondered if you had any recommendations?
    And lastly, I noticed one comment you made on one of your videos that you had been facing some challenges at the time and I wanted to say that I hope you have made it through them all. You sure do seem like such a lovely person and I hope your life has come around to where you would like it to be <3
    Thank you in advance for any advice you may have for me, and for taking the time to read my comment, which is now at risk of turning itself into a novel :-O 🙂

    1. Hi Pat-

      If your hair is feeling strawlike, I don’t think protein is the problem. Sounds like you need more moisture…and some good ole fashion deep conditioning on a regular basis.

      As far as heating caps go, I love the Hot Head. It’s microwavable and they have some cute designs.

      Thank you for the kind words, my son had a spinal fusion done on 1/29. Thankfully he’s doing very very well. He’s recovering and recovery is about a year. We have skilled nursing to help.

      1. Oh my, I sure hope he recovers quickly. Sounds like he has been through a bit. Keeping you both in my thoughts.

        Thank you so much for the suggestions I will definitely get a heating cap and start a deep conditioning regime.

        p.s. apologies I didn’t respond earlier, I assumed I would receive an email notification from wordpress of your reply but didn’t and only realised you had when I came back to this post.

        1. thanks so much. Yes he has. He’s recovering now but had a little set back. His wound seems to have opened some so we have to go back to the dr.

          I think to get replies from the wordpress you have to check the button on the post

  2. Hi, I am soon getting a gastric bypass surgery. And I have long dredlocks down my back. I am in great fear of losing my beautiful crown. Please any advice ?

  3. Hi Michelle. Where is the video to mske this DC? Also, how can make yhis a protein-free DC? Think i have protein overload as via henna glosses and apparently i used Aphgee after a monthly break from the henna gloss. Can you help me regain my elasticity and slip? Or do i just have to keep DCing till the protein wears off?

    1. the goat’s milk is the main thing 🙂 Yes it’s protein but it is balanced out with the oils and honey in it. Try it just once but don’t do any other treatments with protein or henna. When you are done using the goat’s milk conditioner, you do a deep conditioner. It works REALLY well.

      Here’s all the videos I did on the use of this DIY goat’s milk conditioner:

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