Why & How to Pre-Poo Fine Natural Hair

The Pre-Poo is an important part of wash day…. Like every part of the hair care regimen for fine natural hair, the pre-poo is not to be under estimated. It’s as important as deep conditioning and just like I would never skip deep conditioning, I’d never skip the pre-poo portionĀ of

All Natural, Single Ingredient Conditioners

The use of natural substances to condition the hair. Focusing on natural ingredients for hair care to prioritize health. Conditioners are probably the most important products in a hair care regimen. If I had to have just one hair product it would be a conditioner. Conditioner can be used to

What’s Trending: 2014 Top Natural Hair Products

Popular natural hair products for 2014 This month we’re talking about what’s trending on the beauty scene. Today, I’d like to share some of the hair products that are gaining in popularity amongst ladies with natural hair. There are so many natural hair products on the market. It’s easy to