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Staple: Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice / Gel

Aloe vera juice is a great natural resource for natural hair. That’s because natural hair is naturally dry. The brand of aloe vera juice/aloe vera gel I prefer to use is Lily of the Desert which I purchase from Whole Foods. It’s available made from the inner fillet and the whole leaf. I’ve tried both […]

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Staple: Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice

When you wash your hair, it’s recommended to do with very warm (not hot) water. This allows the cuticles to open up so that you can cleanse your hair and deep condition it more effectively. When you are done washing and conditioning your hair, you need to close those cuticles back up so that moisture […]

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How I’m Growing My Hair Back & Then Some

It is certainly no secret to anyone who reads this blog or has followed me on social media, that I like long hair. I also like hair that falls fairly evenly. Not many a folk has hair that’s all one length and I may never actually achieve it on this fine natural hair. At the […]

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Tips on Setting Fine Natural Hair With Gel

Now that the humidity is basically in full effect all over the North East, us natural girls have to figure out a way to keep our hair from turning into the lion’s mane (not that that’s a bad thing. It can be a good look, depending on what you’re going for.) The summer months are […]

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Deep Conditioning Fine Natural Hair

Continuing the detailed series of posts sharing how to have  an effective wash day, today we discuss deep conditioning. Here are the previous posts: Why & How to Pre-Poo Fine Natural Hair | Cleansing Fine Natural Hair for Length Retention We’ve already established that fine natural hair is delicate and needy. In the case of deep conditioning however, it […]