the serial bunner

Announcement: Introducing The Serial Bunner

One of the things I share about often here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith is “Length Retention.” While there is a number of ways to retain length on natural hair, one of the most effective ways to do so (once you’ve got your healthy hair care regimen down) is by protective styling. I typically […]

half up half down twist out

2017 Summer Go To Hairstyles

Last summer I shared a go to summer style. It made it easier for me to have a little less shrinkage when rockin’ wash and gos on my fine natural hair, which I typically like to do during the summer months. This summer I’m going to try and cut down that shrinkage even more by […]

Curly Bun

One Month of Practical and Easy Protective Styles

The cold weather has been absolutely brutal. Brrrrr! And, while the temps are starting to warm a little bit (a very little bit..except where the weather is bipolar like NY with temps o 20 degrees one day and 60 the next), it’s not quite time to let down your tresses. Protective styling season aint over! […]

buns on fine natural hair

My Best Hairstyles of 2015!

This week I have tons to share since it’s the beginning of January! Since I was on vacation most of December, I had all this juicy content bottled up lol. However, the one thing I didn’t think of sharing is my best hairstyles of 2015. I recently read Just Grow Already’s Styling Highlights and just knew […]