Cleansing Fine Natural Hair for Length Retention

After the pre-poo, it’s time to cleanse your hair. There are many ways to get hair clean: shampooing, mud-washing, co-washing, clarifying, and apple cider vinegar cleansing. For the purpose of cleansing fine natural hair thoroughly, the one thing to keep in mind is you want to maintain some of your natural oils. You never want your […]

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I’m Trending…Ha! : My 2014 Spring Hair Regimen

Simplified natural hair regimen Spring has finally sprung here in New York. After the numerous snow storms and frigid temperatures, we are finally starting to see “growth.” Just as springtime brings about all sorts of beautiful change, our hair also tends to go through change. It’s during this time that I opt to revise my […]


Why I Have a Problem With Co-washing Only

So many naturals tout the benefits of co-washing (aka conditioner washing) only. For sure, it’s a personal choice and not one that I’d ever make. That’s not to say that I’m against co-washing. I do co-wash my hair every other week using the  As I Am Coconut Co-wash. I absolutely love how it makes my […]