15 Things I’ve Learned in Over 15 Years Being Natural

In the spirit of keeping it real, I confess I never stop learning my about my natural hair. Sure, I may know what types of products my hair generally likes and I may even know the best hairstyles for my fine natural hair. Yet, just when I think I know

Recommended Oil Therapy for Fine Natural Hair

Oiling the hair is a great way to reduce tangles and single strand knots. Oiling also imparts strength to the hair strands depending on which oil is use (For ex: Coconut oil helps to strengthen the inner integrity of their strand so that the protein and moisture balances are protected).

Why & How to Pre-Poo Fine Natural Hair

The Pre-Poo is an important part of wash day…. Like every part of the hair care regimen for fine natural hair, the pre-poo is not to be under estimated. It’s as important as deep conditioning and just like I would never skip deep conditioning, I’d never skip the pre-poo portionĀ of