wash and go fine natural hair

The Wash and Go Combo That Always Wins

It was Independence Day and while I didn’t have any real plans solidified, one thing I was sure of was that I needed to wash my hair. Hey, a girl has priorities. So, in an effort to use up products that I don’t plan to repurchase, I stumbled upon an old jar of Shea Moisture […]

ecostyler curl and wave gel

Staple: EcoStyler Curl and Wave Gel

Gels are a natural girl’s best friend! That is so long as it doesn’t contain alcohol or any other harmful ingredients. I’ve tried a number of hair gels and as far as cheapie gels go, EcoStyler is the best…IMHO. There are a number of EcoStyler gels available with various hold levels and none of them […]

natural hair products

My Preferred Stylers for Fine Natural Hair

There’s no shortage of the ways you can style natural hair. While there are many ways to “convert” a base style, the most common┬ánatural hairstyles include: Wash ‘n Go’s Twist Outs Braid Outs Rod/Roller Sets Two Strand Twists Box Braids Each of these styles requires a product to “set” the style. Since this blog focuses […]