5 Hair Routines That Work for Me

I sometimes feel like just because I take pictures of my fine natural hair styled to the nines that people think it looks great all of the time. Detour…..I’m L(ing)OL here! My fine hair has as many issues and concerns as the next gal. I just didn’t think you all would want to see me […]

reverting from straight to curly

From Straight to Curly Live on Camera

In the video I’m about to share, I demonstrated how I went from straight to curly hair by simply adding water to my fine natural hair that was previously silk pressed for about a week. Before I share that video, check out how I maintained the straight hair over night while simultaneously maintaining the health […]

braid out on straight hair

Returning to Curly…Saying Goodbye to Straight hair

I enjoyed having my hair straight…for like three days. It actually stayed straight for five days but now I’m over it. So over it. I’m ready to return to curly from curly hair and pronto. This feeling makes me wonder why I ever straightened my hair in the first place. Sure, it looked nice enough. I just feel […]