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Reebot Your Hair in 6 Steps: Step 4 – Deep Conditioning

After clarifying your hair to thoroughlycleanse it in the step of rebooting, you’re going to want to deep condition to add moisture and nourishment to your strands. Guidelines for Deep Conditioning There’s a lot to be said about deep conditioning one’s hair.  There are a number of methods taught and even various ideas about how long […]

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When Fine Hair Begins to Snap, Crackle and Pop

You’ve got more than enough challenges to deal with when caring for your fine natural hair. The thin hairs are one thing and density issue is bad enough. Your hair can barely hold a style and now this. You certainly aren’t smiling like the Rice Krispie kids! Snap Hair is snapping off at the ends or even at the […]

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My 4 Hair Care Practices Professionals Disapprove Of

Just because someone is a licensed stylist or other hair care professional, doesn’t mean they are all knowing when it comes to every hair type and texture. That statement is not meant to throw shade at hair care professionals – especially those who know their stuff. On the contrary. A really good stylist can guide […]

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Good Hair Habit #3 – Dig Deep Every Week

Our second good hair habit was Scheduling a Set Wash Day. If you missed it, click that link to find out why you should have a set time each week to wash your hair. Today’s good hair habit is to make sure you Dig Deep Every Week. That almost sounds kinky but the deep I’m […]

diy goat's milk hair conditioner

Staple: DIY Goat’s Milk Honey & Oils Conditioner Recipe

Fine hair needs protein. Many focus on moisture and neglect the fact that protein is just as important.  I’ve used numerous hair products for protein treatments but I must say that the DIY Goat’s Milk Recipe I got from Hairscapades is one of the best. I’ve since altered the recipe to suit my hair’s needs. I’ve […]