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So,This Happened…The Birth of Denser Curls

Volumized fine natural hair…Thicker and stronger I shared the above pic (over on the Instagram contrasting it with this one… Length used to be my goal. I was so focused on it and while having longer hair is still a goal of mine, having denser curls that are volumized is more of a goal. I […]

Wash and go Fine Natural Hair

What I’m Doing That’s Making My Fine Hair Thicker

Strand Thickness vs. Density The two are different animals but closely related. Strand thickness determines if you have fine hair or thick hair. Density (low, medium or high) is determined by the number of hairs you have on your head. So, you could have fine hair but if the density is outrageous, then you will […]

thicker fine natural hair

Two Clever Ways to “Thicken” Fine Hair

In an earlier post this week, I shared How to Create Peace in Your Home and Let Your Hair Down… That post was all about setting your environment up so you can relax. Sometimes the ability to relax has nothing to do with your home, but your personal appearance. Ladies with fine hair can become […]

How to Maintain Length and Density on Fine Hair

One of the biggest challenges of having fine natural hair (or just fine hair in general) is styling it in a way that looks full and voluminous. Then, there may be concerns over maintaining one’s length. When looking to achieve length and/or density, you have to look at each goal separately but also jointly. Fine hair […]