detangled fine hair

*NEW* Detangling Routine…2017

Finger detangling. It’s ideal for fine hair naturals. It’s also not ideal if you have fine hair but tons of it. Ah, the density factor. Finger detangling can then become very time consuming. While, I do not have what would constitute maximum levels of density (would be nice though), I do have a moderate amount (medium density) […]

detangling for the wash day experience

Everything You Need to Know About Detangling Safely

This week’s Wash Day Experience focus is on Detangling. Since I’ve already written exhaustively on the subject of detangling and I’m going to actually skip washing my hair this week in favor of getting a little extra life out of my loose two strand twists, I decided to pull together all of the articles I’ve written […]

removing tangles and knots from natural hair

Easy Peasy Detangling & Knot Removal

I have found the BEST product for removing knots and tangles from my natural hair. I have tried oils and conditioner solo and combined. They work well but this here product from Shea Moisture just does it all! The funny thing is I actually stumbled upon using this product. I initially purchased it to remove […]

detangling tips

Top 10 Detangling Tips for Length Retention

Let’s face it. Detangling your hair can be a chore. Sometimes you just don’t wanna! But…it’s inevitable. You have to let down your mane and get to detangling and removing shed hair….eventually. If you never detangled your hair, eventually it would just dred up. I’m not an expert on locs but I think the only reason […]