faith and fitness plan


I’ve struggled with getting to a healthy weight for over 15 years. Diet after diet, I’d get so close to or even reach my goal weight only to fall back in to old habits that lead me putting back on upwards of 50 extra pounds. Lasciviousness is mentioned in the bible as not being able […]

faith only believe


If we knew what was going to happen every minute of every day, there would be no need for faith. I could end this post right with that statement and it would still be more impactful than a lot of the so called inspirational junk you will find in the world. That’s not to say […]

Hair, Faith and Hope

It never ceases to amaze me how people will come out of the woodwork and attack you for your faith, especially when they think it’s faith for something “silly.” I’ve watched videos of people sharing how they are trusting and have prayed to God for long hair. I even made one of those videos myself. […]

what is faith

Having Faith in the New Year

New years resolutions. People of the world make them and almostĀ never keep them. “New year. New you.” Yeah, I won’t touch that one. The only sustainable thing you have at your disposal to help you accomplish any of your goals (or resolutions) this year or any year, is what God Almighty provides. Faith. With faith […]

bold faith

Why You Need to Be Bold in Your Faith

Faith is an often partially understood topic. If you were to do a poll amongst the general public you may hear people respond to the question of “what is faith?’ with responses like: “Faith is belief” “Faith is believing something you can’t see.” “Faith is trusting in God” While each of these responses is an […]