pre-poo regimen for fine natural hair

3 Ways to PrePoo Fine Hair That Defy Breakage

The Pre-Poo is an essential step of the hair care regimen. When it comes to those of us with fine hair, the pre-poo is not just essential, it’s critical. Some ladies skip it unaware that much like oil therapy, it is the pre-poo that actually helps to protect the hair from breakage while undergoing all […]

fine natural hair

The Characteristics of Fine Natural Hair

A lot of people mistake fine hair for thin hair and while it’s entirely possible to have thin fine hair, it’s also possible to have thick fine hair. For the purpose of this article, let’s examine the characteristics of fine natural hair. Understanding Fine Hair Fine hair is often misunderstood.  In order to really understand […]

naturally curly hair cut

The Deceptions of Fine Hair

After my first really good haircut, there’s a lot more to be said about hair types like mine. Fine Hair that is. At first glance, one might think that fine hair is limp and thin. At times I’ve even felt that I was cursed to have fine hair. OK cursed is way too strong a word. […]

How Over Manipulation of Natural Hair Causes Breakage

Natural hair is fragile by nature. Fine natural hair is even more fragile. That’s why when it comes to “handling” your hair, you must be gentle. Manipulation is necessary to care for, maintain and style your hair but over manipulation will cause breakage. If your goal is to grow your hair to the longest length possible, you […]

voluminous curls

The Return of Curlformers for Voluminous Curls!

It’s week 3 of the Wash Day Experience and the focus is on voluminous curls I haven’t used Curlformers in quite some time now. It’s been about three years since I’ve purchased them and I don’t use them often because I found that they cause my fine hair to experience some unnecessary breakage. It’s not a […]