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*NEW* Detangling Routine…2017

Finger detangling. It’s ideal for fine hair naturals. It’s also not ideal if you have fine hair but tons of it. Ah, the density factor. Finger detangling can then become very time consuming. While, I do not have what would constitute maximum levels of density (would be nice though), I do have a moderate amount (medium density) […]

2016 hair mistakes

Ten Hair Mistakes To Stop Making in 2017

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been natural for ten months or ten years. You never stop learning. For change to take place (with your hair or otherwise), you have to accept the fact that you don’t know it all. You may know some things about your hair but even those are subject to change as […]

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My 4 Hair Care Practices Professionals Disapprove Of

Just because someone is a licensed stylist or other hair care professional, doesn’t mean they are all knowing when it comes to every hair type and texture. That statement is not meant to throw shade at hair care professionals – especially those who know their stuff. On the contrary. A really good stylist can guide […]

detangling for the wash day experience

Everything You Need to Know About Detangling Safely

This week’s Wash Day Experience focus is on Detangling. Since I’ve already written exhaustively on the subject of detangling and I’m going to actually skip washing my hair this week in favor of getting a little extra life out of my loose two strand twists, I decided to pull together all of the articles I’ve written […]

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The Power of Doing Just ONE Thing

Healthy hair. That’s every woman’s desire and goal. Sometimes it’s because we want longer hair but long hair isn’t necessarily the reason for maintaining healthy hair, although that’s often the result. For some, the reasons are more simple like: wanting hair that holds a style, simply shines or radiates beauty naturally. Whatever your reason for wanting […]