faith and fitness plan


I’ve struggled with getting to a healthy weight for over 15 years. Diet after diet, I’d get so close to or even reach my goal weight only to fall back in to old habits that lead me putting back on upwards of 50 extra pounds. Lasciviousness is mentioned in the bible as not being able […]

Meal Planning for Improved Health & Weight Loss

At the beginning of every year, people across the nation resolve to do new things to create a new “them” in the new year. By this time, most have already given up on their resolutions be it to lose weight, work out more, or eat healthily. I too have been one of those people…in the […]

natural hair

Your Hair, Your Fitness & Your Health

The hair products you use and how neglecting fitness can affect your health. As we get closer to the warmer months, let me introduce you to what we are going to focus on here at Radiant Brown Beauty for the next few posts. Hair & Health Exciting isn’t it? Well maybe it doesn’t sound exciting […]