But God


Problems will always be a part of your life. On your own, you win some and you lose some. But God… Have you ever heard someone say that? I used to hear it all the time and now I get what it really means. When you add the word “but” after something, you basically cancel […]

waiting on God

When Waiting on God Becomes a Chore

It’s been 3 years since you’ve prayed for a husband. 18 months since you’ve prayed for the money to buy your own home. 6 months since you’ve prayed for a new job. You’ve done all you know to do. You’ve fasted for one week a month. You’ve quoted the scriptures day in and day out. […]

when life throws a curve ball

When Life Throws You One Curve Ball After Another

2016 has not been very kind to my family. So much has happened this year – curve ball after curve ball (a great analogy for you baseball fans). There was very few days this year when I was actually happy. The rest of the time, my life was filled with illnesses, surgery, financial woes and […]

Gods not dead

Hold on to Your Faith

The other night I was watching God’s Not Dead 2. I found myself feeling disgusted by some of the things in this movie. Aside from the obvious message that people don’t believe there’s a God, there’s also the message that I believe God is telling His people: Hold on To Your Faith. The main character in the movie […]