MAY HAIR FOCUS: Herbs for Hair Care

Using herbal remedies for hair care is not a new phenomenon. While it’s not wise to attribute any one form of herbal hair care to a specific nationality, we can identify certain nationalities and cultures of people who used herbs to help grow their hair long and strong. Indian women are known for using herbs […]

fine strands

4 Ways to Preserve Fine Strands {Hair!}

A person’s hair can appear very thick even when the strands are fine. That’s usually the case when there are lots of strands on a given head. This is what’s known as having a head with a high density of hair. The only difference between the amount of density one has over another is how […]

snapping and breaking hair

When Fine Hair Begins to Snap, Crackle and Pop

You’ve got more than enough challenges to deal with when caring for your fine natural hair. The thin hairs are one thing and density issue is bad enough. Your hair can barely hold a style and now this. You certainly aren’t smiling like the Rice Krispie kids! Snap Hair is snapping off at the ends or even at the […]