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Thankfulness and Inviting God Into Your Hair Care

Thanksgiving. It’s a day when families and friends get together and sit around a table (or all around the house) to enjoy a good meal. Other than that, there’s not much thankfulness going on. Sad really. Today’s quick post on Fine Natural Hair and Faith in honor of this Day of Thanks, will be different. […]

Are You Aware of These Pages? Let’s Navigate

Typically when a blog post is published here on Fine Natural Hair and Faith, if you are subscribed to receive updates, you’ll receive the notification. But… When an article is written on a page (not the same as a post), you won’t receive a notification unless I send out a special email shout out. Why […]

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My 4 Hair Care Practices Professionals Disapprove Of

Just because someone is a licensed stylist or other hair care professional, doesn’t mean they are all knowing when it comes to every hair type and texture. That statement is not meant to throw shade at hair care professionals – especially those who know their stuff. On the contrary. A really good stylist can guide […]