ways to retain length

8 Ways to Retain Length and Reach Yor Hair Goals

Hair growth – Process of hair growing out of the scalp from the follicle as a result of nourishment being fed to the follicles by the blood vessels surrounding it. Length retention – The process of effectively preserving the hair that grows out of your scalp in such a way that the ends (the oldest section […]

how to use fenugreek hair oil

How to Use Fenugreek Methi Hair Growth Oil

Fenugreek – Native to the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, and western Asia, this herb also called Methi in Hindi is consumed internally and externally. In the case of Indian herbal hair care, fenugreek seeds and or powder can be used to create a fantastic and potent hair growth oil that has a number of benefits. […]

scalp massager

The Scalp Massage: Benefits and Tips for Fine Hair

There’s times during the year when your hair seems to grow and flourish. I’m talking about sprouting like weeds, doing the sexy hair growth dance! Then, there’s those times when you have to question if your hair is really growing at all. It’s as if your hair decides to take a break from doing anything […]