Good Hair Habit #5 – Make a Date With Protein

Hair is composed of one main substance…protein. It’s not the only substance but it’s the predominant one, accounting for approximately 91 percent of your hair and made up of long chains of amino acids.* For fine haired naturals, doing regular protein treatments is a key for how to keep you hair healthy. Since I write from the perspective of […]

moisturize and seal daily

Good Hair Habit #4 – Moisturize and Seal Daily

Good hair habit # 3 was to deep condition your hair weekly on wash day. Today’s habit is closely connected to yesterday’s because the subject of how to moisturize natural hair is the basis for both. It may seem that I’m working a little backwards by mentioning deep conditioning before moisturizing but there’s a reason for it. Because […]

deep conditioning weekly

Good Hair Habit #3 – Dig Deep Every Week

Our second good hair habit was Scheduling a Set Wash Day. If you missed it, click that link to find out why you should have a set time each week to wash your hair. Today’s good hair habit is to make sure you Dig Deep Every Week. That almost sounds kinky but the deep I’m […]

scheduling wash day

Good Hair Habit #2 – Schedule a Set Wash Day

Yesterday we talked about our first good hair habit: Find and Use Your Staples. If you missed it, go back and read it to discover why it’s important to have and use staple hair products (this link points to mine). Now that we have our hair products lined up, let’s talk about good hair habit #2: scheduling […]